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by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

Directed by Chris Owens

The Edge Theatre

June 30th - July 9th, 2017

Scenic & Properties Design - Megan Chaney

Costume Design - Hanna Wisner

Lighting Design - Michael Goebel

Sound Design - Joe Palermo

Stage Manager - Kaylee Roach

Assistant Stage Manager - Cody Perriset


Tracey - Kristen Alesia

Grace - Shelby Garrett

Ron - Brian McKnight

Travis - Matt Schutz

"Thank you all! Thank you for loving me so much." So ends the victory speech of 17-year old Tracey Ackhart upon her coronation as Miss Late Teen Colorado. The "loving," alas, soon ends. Days before the national pageant in Virginia Beach, Tracey disappears, hurling the rest of her family, whose lives until then had revolved around her, into disarray. Simultaneously satirical, witty, tender and unsettling, Colorado is a play about the dreams of a family, and the traps set to keep those dreams far, far away.

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