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Get Out Alive

by Nikki Lynette

Directed by Roger Ellis

A Vanguard Arts Collaboration, part of the Steppenwolf Look Out Series

January 30th - February 2nd, 2020

Assistant Director - Rebecca Blaich

Scenic & Props Designer - Megan Chaney

Costume Designer - Ziare Paul-Emile

Lighting Designer - Garrett Steinke

Mixing & Mastering - Matt Hennessy

Projections Engineer - Chris Owens

Stage Manager - Gianna Petrosino


Nikki Lynette

Keeley Morris

Natalie Renee Savoy



Vanguard Arts Collective provided technical support and assistance for the latest iteration of Get Out Alive, as produced by the American Music Theatre Project, and presented a Steppenwolf as a part of the Look Out Series.

Get Out Alive is a multi-media performance event that deconstructs writer/performer Nikki Lynette's mental health journey. Through the lens of an afrogoth celebration of life service, this work revolves around themes of persistence and survival in the face of extraordinary odds.

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